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My trip to Alaska

Baltimore. From 1000 St. Paul looking South. 


I’ve written a lot of papers this week.

I’ve written a lot of papers this week.

The following pieces are mixture a of freelance work and passion projects. All passion projects and projects under the name Take2Films are pieces that were shot and edited entirely on my own; true one man band style.

Featured pieces (in order):
"Tour Baltimore" DP/Editor (Take2Films/GreyComm Studios)
"The Book Thing of Baltimore" DP/Assistant Editor (GreyComm Studios)
"Wait for the Drop": DP/Editor (School Project/Passion Project)
"March Eighth": DP/Editor/Colorist (Passion Project)
"Snow Timelapse" DP/Editor (Passion Project)
"Toyota Let’s Go Places": Grip/Audio/1st AC/Editor/Graphics (StoryFarm/Pivec)
"La Bella Cuisine" DP/Editor/Graphics (GreyComm Studios)

After Effects Animation
"IndieGoGo Social Change": Animator/Editor (Freelance/Take2Films)
"Mavenspire Logo Animation": Animator (StoryFarm)
"Allegis Group": Animator (StoryFarm)

Companies featured in the productions of this reel:

Today it snowed. I live in Baltimore MD. A beautiful place. I should have written a paper. Instead I had to create, I had to experience the elements. I had to follow Thoreau, Emerson, and Thomas. I lived. I appreciated simple beauty. And I want to share it with you.

Shot on a 5D Mark III with a Tamron 24-70mm F2.8
Edit on AE and Premiere CC

Simon and Garfunkel: Wednesday 3 AM

Really happy with the way this shoot turned out!

Shoots some commercials

Here’s looking at you

For the past few days I’ve been documenting the fantastic Palace at 4am. This is mashup of their rehearsal and show performance of You’re My New Routine


‘Off into Space’ - 1966 book cover design.


Experimenting in After Effects

Last week I traveled to Las Vegas to attend NAB. Besides getting to walk the show floor and get my hands on every piece of camera equipment known to man; I was able to attend several sessions with After Effects professionals. It was a great opportunity to learn from industry experts and really inspired me to experiment more in After Effects. 

This animation is my first since NAB and one of the most complex I’ve made to date. More to come soon. ​

Love that camera.

You can handle just about anything that comes at you out on the road with a believable grin, common sense and whiskey.
— 出典:Bill Murray (via bookofbourbon)